Septic Tank Repair

Why You Should Not Repair The Septic Tank Yourself?

Septic system replacement is expensive; therefore, preventive maintenance should be performed to extend the system’s life. Correct septic system maintenance safeguards the health of those who live in and around your house, preserves the quality of groundwater, and keeps your waste from harming surrounding rivers. The risks of septic systems range from illnesses to unintentional accidents, and the injuries themselves can range from minor to potentially lethal in their severity. Here are some of the specific threats you may encounter when in the vicinity of a septic tank.

Cave-in or Collapse

Septic tanks that are too old or broken can cave in and collapse. Septic tank walls and covers deteriorate with time and become unable to withstand the external pressure exerted on the tank by the environment. Tank coverings and walls may also become weakened if heavy machinery is used frequently in the vicinity of the tank’s site.

If you fall into a septic tank, you run the risk of breaking limbs, sustaining lacerations, and becoming infected with hazardous pathogens. It is extremely tough to get out of a septic tank without assistance.


A number of gases are produced as a consequence of the treatment process in septic tanks. Some of these gases, such as methane, have the potential to be quite explosive. When you expose an open flame to septic tank gases, you run the risk of suffering burn injuries or possibly causing your home to burn down. Consider the possibility that you could trigger an explosion by trying to treat an infected sewage tank with a cigarette lighter.


Asphyxiation is the sensation you have when your body does not receive enough oxygen. If you don’t obtain care right away, the situation can progress to the point of unconsciousness or even death. Consequently, because septic treatment operations generate large amounts of gases, the area surrounding or within a septic tank has little oxygen.

If you spend an excessive amount of time at the tank, you may end yourself breathing in these potentially hazardous gases instead of oxygen. You may become unconscious and perhaps fall into the septic tank, where you may get severe damage if you do not have enough oxygen to breathe.


A typical septic tank is teeming with pathogenic germs that can be deadly. If the infectious bacteria enter your body through your mouth or open skin, such as a wound, they have the potential to make you sick. For example, cuts on your hands or legs may allow germs to enter your bloodstream and cause illness.

The shock from an electrical current

Finally, if you attempt any DIY septic tank repair that requires digging around the tank, you run the danger of receiving an electrical shock or electrocution. If you dig without first establishing the location of electrical utility lines, you may come into contact with some of the lines and be subjected to an electric shock.

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