Problems In Septic Tank

Common Problems In Septic Tank

Deciding to spend your hard-earned money on repairing any difficulties that may arise is the last thing you want to be thinking about. Alternatively, you may consider what any necessary work would entail for your garden and the flowerbeds that you have tenderly managed over the years.

If you know what to look for, you can try to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. So, instead of burying your head in the sand, have a look at our list of the ten most common septic tank problems, which is included below:

Over Time, Solids Build Up In The Sump

Solid particles sink to the bottom of a septic tank, while affluent and water particles rise to the top of the tank. If the solid particles in the septic tank are not removed regularly, they will eventually accumulate to the point where the inlet pipe from the house becomes clogged. As a result, you will notice that your piped appliances will drain much more slowly, if at all when this occurs. A professional will need to come to your home and pump out your septic tank until it is empty to resolve this issue.

Drain Lines That Have Ruptured

Broken drain lines are a regular problem that can arise with septic tanks, and they can be very costly to repair. You should call a plumber if you see that your piped appliances are not draining as they should, but the water level in your septic tank appears to be normal. If you observe that your plumbed appliances are not draining as they should, the most likely cause is a broken or collapsed pipe. The pipe will need to be replaced by a qualified contractor who will locate the broken or collapsed drain and replace it.

The Baffle Has Collapsed

It’s possible that you’re perplexed as to what a baffle is, but when it comes to septic tanks, it is a barrier within the tank that prevents any lumpy material from escaping into the soakaway system. The image below shows what a collapsed baffle looks like – however, if you are not used to peeking inside septic tanks, it may not be immediately evident what you are looking at!

Smells That Are Overwhelming

The solid waste build-up in your household drains or in the area around your septic tank, as well as chemicals that kill the bacteria that break down the waste, can all be indicators of a variety of difficulties. One such problem is a problem with the soakaway area attached to your septic tank. For the most accurate determination of the source of an unpleasant odour, you should contact an experienced professional contractor who can perform all of the necessary inspections on your behalf.

However, while numerous typical issues can arise with septic tanks, the vast majority of them can be resolved with the help of a trained specialist. It’s also important to note that regular maintenance of your septic tank will help to guarantee that the occurrence of any issues is kept to an absolute minimum.

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